About Us


MD Healthcare & Scientific Consulting: Your Partner in Healthcare Excellence

We are specialized on helping our clients in the biomedical field improving their outcomes and enhancing patient care. We are passionate about health and all of its faces, may this be healthcare systems, biomedical research or the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to enable you provide better and innovative care, conduct groundbreaking research with the ultimate goal of improving overall health.

We are based in Germany, but operate internationally. Our team has gained experience at leading consulting firms, prestigious research institutions and hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. We are open to tackle your challenges as a strategic partner, but also do take over operational services, if wished.

Mission and Values

Improving patient care

Our mission is to enable our clients to offer the best possible care to their patients and to improve overall health and wellbeing. This may happen through efficient and individualized patient care, innovative research and translation or the establishment of public health programs. We are aiming to become your long-term partner in healthcare excellence.


Tailored solutions for individual clients

Our clients and their situations vary a lot, thus, it is important for us to always come up with individual and tailored approaches to help tackle their challenges. As a firm, we normally only have one or two customers at a time, allowing full focus on our client's needs. We make use of different methods including thorough (data, competitor) analyses or expert interviews to set benchmarks and identify best practices. We offer workshops and trainings to put our strategic plans into action, but if required or wished, we also take over operational tasks.

Unique Selling Points

Working together with us

We are a young and dynamic consulting firm. Our team consists of clinicians, researchers and consultants with a business background and has hands-on experience in the relevant fields. We know the challenges that arise in the healthcare and research ecosystems well as we encountered them ourselves, too. Thus, we are strongly motivated to use our experience and knowledge to make valuable contributions to our clients. Furthermore, we are well connected in Europe and the United States which helps establish collaborations and partnerships.