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At MD Healthcare and Scientific Consulting, we embrace the ambitious pursuit of fostering our clients' growth and creating a more sustainable, inclusive future in the healthcare industry and the research environment. As you join our team, you become part of an extraordinary team with diverse backgrounds including clinicians, scientists and researchers as well as experienced consultants. We are forward-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, all united by the common goal to redefine possibilities.

Together, we embark on transformative journeys, propelling the world's leading businesses to new heights while fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and constant improvement. We recognize that innovation flourishes when infused with a human touch, and that is precisely the essence of our endeavors.

MD Healthcare and Scientific Consulting empowers you to carve a path towards a future that resonates with your aspirations. Let us be your catalyst for growth and progress as we embark on this remarkable journey together.

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Description: Join our team as a freelance consultant focusing on emerging topics in the healthcare industry. Your work will focus on strategy projects for our healthcare clients and allow you to dive deeper into the industry. A suitable candidate would have collected first experiences in the healthcare field and ideally have an academic background in healthcare (e.g., healthcare management, public health, medical school).

Description: Join our team as a freelance consultant focusing on emerging topics in projects related to research and innovation, mainly in the biomedical field. You will work closely together with leading scientific institutions helping them accelerate their scientific output. A suitable candidate would have experience in (biomedical) research, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and ideally have gained experience in clinical trial conduction.