Our profound hands-on background in research allows us to understand challenges arising in scientific work and identify fruitful research opportunities. Our priority is to support your valuable contributions to the scientific community and help you become a leading and renowned research facility. We also assist our clients operationally, for example in clinical trial set-up.

Research Strategy

Assisting in the development of an institutional research strategy to ensure an aligned mission and vision that steers the facilities scientific output and scientific rigor.

Planning and Design

Supporting the process of project planning and study design for different types of studies as well as forward-looking guidance for further steps to ensure a smooth study conduct, feasibility, and alignment with the facility's objectives.

Clinical Trials

Helping you participate in (multi-centric) clinical trials, providing assistance with study set- and start-up and becoming part of groundbreaking international research.

Grant Funding

Providing guidance and assistance in identifying funding opportunities, developing grant proposals, and navigating the grant application process.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Identifying fruitful collaboration opportunities and facilitation of partnerships between the research facility and external organizations, such as industry, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Technology and Infrastructure Optimization

Conducting needs assessments and gap analyses on what is missing and needed. Identification of useful and possibly shared investments and support in vendor management and brokering deals.

Key Performance Indicators

Identifying a useful and reasonable metrics system tailored to the needs of the institution to measure scientific output and efficiency to possibly help distribute resources accordingly.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Providing expertise in data analysis, statistical analysis, and interpretation of research findings to generate meaningful insights and support evidence-based decision-making.

Scientific Communication

Supporting the dissemination of research findings through effective scientific communication, publication strategies, conference presentations, and knowledge translation efforts as well as marketing to strengthen the institutions profile.

Talent Attraction

Providing guidance on the attraction and retention of highly-qualified academic personnel to increase the institutional reputation and scientific output.